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Invisible Wounds Conference for Health Care Professionals

Invisible Wounds

Invisible Wounds Conference for Health Care Professionals was held in Walkerton, ON (July 11, 2018)

Jennifer Grigg: Certified Body Language Trainer, Wellness Coach, R2MR Instructor

“When The Helper Needs Help”

Jennifer’s presentation will focus on the struggle she faced with reaching out for help and overcoming mental health issues. Jennifer chronicles her journey of recovery from depression, anxiety and PTSD, as the author of “Rewriting Life: An Introvert’s Journey - Finding Peace & Perspective through the Denial & Depression”. Attendees will relate to Jennifer as she elaborates on how her professional identity fosters an image as “the one who helps others”, not “the one who needs help”.

Erin Gibb: MSc, RP, CCC

“Preventing Compassion Fatigue: Accessing Resilience in the Midst of Suffering”

Through Erin’s clinical experience and difficult times in her own past, she has seen and felt the unbreakable nature of the human spirit which deeply informs her practice. Erin’s presentation will assist health professionals who are affected by compassion fatigue, stress, and burnout. Erin will normalize experiences and help individuals to build capacity and resilience in the face of their employment. Her life’s work is based on the principal and belief that within every human being, there is an innate ability to heal no matter what the experience.

Jason MacKenzie:

“Seriously – if I can change, you can too”

Jason is the guy that’s lived through his wife’s mental illness and suicide. He’s overcome a decade-long battle with alcohol (and no shortage of other drugs). It took his nine year old daughter looking her drunken father in the face and telling him she was disappointed in him to make him realize he was hurt and needed to start healing. Jason has written a book on fatherhood, hosts a popular podcast, runs group coaching programs for men around the world and is a leader of a community on mental health.

Brian Bennett: Registered Message Therapist, CISM and R2MR Instructor

“Supporting Health Care Providers”

Healthcare is a high stress environment with acute, chronic, and cumulative stress taking its toll on staff. In this presentation we will look at the stressors that impact us immediately, days, weeks or months later and what

we can do to help ourselves and others work through with the use of effective coping strategies, Critical Incident Stress Management and Peer Support programs. We will look at what has been done in health care systems around the world, and what changes you can make today!

Randi-Mae Stanford- Leibold: Author, Mindfulness & Self Care Instructor, Workplace Wellness Consultant, and Motivational Speaker.

“Healing Starts Now: Mindfulness and Self-Compassion for Health Care Professionals"

Randi-Mae draws upon both professional and subjective experiences, including working in a high stress

environments and personal loss. Believing that work/life integration through mindfulness and compassion can transform our wellness and health, Randi-Mae illustrates to attendees how self-care, mindfulness and stress management will enrich their wellness journey.

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