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This website site will remain impartial, neither recommending nor judging any sites which will be linked.  These sites will be posted upon the suggestion and recommendation of First Responders across Canada and are for you perusal. 

If you think nobody cares here are some sites that may be helpful to you:


Steve Horner - Approved ICISF Instructor

CounterStress Solutions

International Critical Incident Stress Foundation

Brian Bennett - CISM Instructor


Dr. Christina Harrington, RSW

Natalie Nowkawalk, MSW, RSW

Phone Help Lines


Boots on the Ground

Toronto Distress Centre (online chat and text)

Education and Support Organizations and Groups


Badge of Life Canada

Canadian Mental Health Association

Canadian Suicide Prevention



Mental Health Commission of Canada

The Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment (CIPSRT)

Wounded Warriors Canada

Wounded Warriors Canada "Introduction to Trauma Exposed Professionals" online course

In-Patient Treatment Centres

Bellwood/Edgewood Health Network

Canadian Recovery Centre Canada

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Homewood Health Centre

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