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About Us

We are dedicated to positively contributing to the lives of First Responders, Health Professionals, and their families. We do this by organizing and overseeing conferences, seminars, and events which decrease stigma associated with mental health challenges, by providing education and skill development, peer support and networking opportunities. Revenues surplus of expenses are donated to support First Responders or to hospitals.

Our goals include:

  • Advocating for collaboration between those providing education, support and services to First Responders and their Families

  • Being proactive by breaking barriers to education and care

  • Reducing stigma and raising awareness, by providing a better understanding of mental health and mental illness

  • Lessening the impact of Occupational Stress thereby reducing the rate of mental health injuries


Our Methods (Conferences, Seminars and Other Events) are designed to provide opportunities for targeted groups of First Responders and Health Professionals to enhance their personal and professional growth, and recovery by supporting:

  • Peer support and networking opportunities

  • Education and skill development

  • Resiliency training

  • Research

  • Holistic health services



  • We advocate and support increasing the availability and accessibility of mental health services in rural and under serviced areas.

  • We believe there is a need to increase the number of experienced mental health professionals who truly understand the culture of First Responders and Health Care Professionals.

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