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8th Annual Invisible Wounds National Mental Wellness Conference for First Responders and Clinicians

Invisible Wounds

The 8th Annual Invisible Wounds Conference for First Responders was held at The Americana Conference Resort Spa (Niagara Falls, Ontario)
October 3-4, 2023

Welcome to the Mental Wellness Conference for First Responders and Clinicians!

We believe that mental wellness is crucial for those in high-stress professions, and this conference will provide valuable resources and support for all who attend. Join us for two days of learning, growth, and community! We are bringing speakers who will share their expertise, experiences, and insights. You will have opportunities to learn from one another, reconnect with old colleagues, and strengthen and create networks with attendees.

While meeting the needs and wants of our First Responders and Clinicians, we deliver comprehensive event programming in person and virtually.   While planning to attend our conference, you might want to expand your visit as Niagara Falls is breathtaking, and the city of Niagara Falls is an exciting destination for many!

You will find this conference provides unique opportunities to engage in more active ways. Our agenda covers numerous relevant topics which pertain to factors influencing First Responders' health and mental wellness. Presentations are original. Attendees' comments, and questions are encouraged. Interactive participation will assist in developing skills and strategies that are relevant to all personnel within an organization.

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