"Stomping Out Stigma"
A Mental Wellness Seminar
Held Saturday, March 30th, 2019 in Walkerton, ON
This grass roots seminar was hosted by individuals who have life experience with grief and loss, addiction in the family, bullying, recovery and resiliency

Natalie Nowkawalk is the loving mother of two boys, and hobbies which include photography and a variety of outdoor activities.


Natalie is a social worker with a private practice in Kincardine. She is passionate about helping people overcome mental health issues and volunteers in community events promoting mental wellness.

Natalie will provide insight on how alcohol and other drug dependency can impact relationships, describing codependency, and steps she has taken to stop the chaos.

Anthony Wilkenson is the founder and CEO of No Drama Fitness, a business created to introduce people to lifelong fitness in a safe, supportive, engaging and challenging atmosphere free of judgement and discrimination.

As a child and young man, Anthony experienced sexual, physical and emotional abuse, which led to addiction and withdrawal from social settings and relationships. Anthony will speak about the role of physical activity in his journey towards self-acceptance.

Shannon McGlynn is a wife, mom of five children, and Gramma to two grandsons, and works part-time at the Wingham Optometry Clinic.

Shannon’s presentation offers a unique, poignant and personal view on grief. As a facilitator for Bereaved Families of Ontario she volunteers her time to help others as they journey through their grief.

Special thanks to our sponsors for making this event a success!

Gold Sponsor:

Meridian Credit Union - Walkerton Branch

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Martin O'Connor (Branch Manager)

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Walkerton Foodland

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